Tokico Performance Kit feed back [HPK203 kit part number]


Im looking to change my suspension soon; Im looking into the Tokico performance kit, [HPK203] which includes the blue shocks with Tokico red coil springs [Tokico states it drops the G2 1"]

Has anyone had this setup? How is the camber wear, and more importantly any good or bad things about this kit? Ive heard great reviews about the Tokico shocks, but the springs, I have not heard anything at all.

let me know
Thanks again

good kit but not a low drop. if your fine with that then go for it.i would add alittle money and get the illumina kit though.

I’ve had this kit on my 92GSR since 2000. No problems and the ride has the right amount of stiffness - not too harsh yet not to soft. The only thing though is the red coating on one of the springs has peeled-off like an onion. Might have been a lemon spring as the other three still have their coatings intact (is it a powder coat? Probably. It has that “plasticky” feeling to it). Even without the coating, the “lemon” spring seems to be doing its job. A tech from the local Acura dealer told me that a common problem they see in G2s are broken front stock springs. Don’t know what causes this. But for what it’s worth, the Tokico springs have held up pretty well. The one inch drop is just right, specially for crappy Toronto streets. With a one-inch drop, camber/toe wear shouldn’t be a problem. The wear on my right front tire was due to a faulty ball-joint. Was thinking of getting the Illumina kit, but settled with the blue kit for price/value factors.

Thanks for the responses…where would be the best place or costwise, interms of buying them and getting them installed in Toronto?

i always charged 100-125. very easy to do. air tools are always better. get a local da owner from the site to give you a hand.

Bought mine at Performance Improvements during their annual spring “midnight madness” thing. Where to do it cheaply? Under the trees in your backyard or in your garage/driveway. It really is simple, assuming you have a decent set of tools (socket wrenches and screwdrivers). As for specialized tools, you could borrow a spring compressor over the weekend from Canadian Tire for free (well, not exactly - you have to give it back before when they open Monday morning at the latest or you’ll get this charge on your VISA/MC for a battered but working spring compressor). I think there’s a thread in Tegtips about doing this. An alternative is to get a manual (I think someone posted the Honda work manual for the Integra on this site. Just look for it). You’ll learn a lot about the car just doing this.

scroll to my post for a pic
The install will be fairly simple provided no bolts are seized in their respective bushings

have done auto-x with the setup and driven the car year round. after 20k+ miles its doing fine
there is no additional camber wear. with the drop i got about -1.35front camber and -1.4 camber in the rear. A camber kit is really not necessary

Yeah, Im definately gonna go with the Tokico kit. As for the install, I dont mind taking a shot at it, the thing is running into the seized bolts; all good. Ive got 274000km running well; any predications when this car will die? I drive it every day to work (65km x 2).

Anyway thanks for the help - next thing, anyone know where I can pickup a set of used 2000 GS or GSR 15" OEM rims?

just remeber before doing the install get penetrating oil (pb blaster, sea foam deep creep)and lube all the bushing that youll be working with. usually the fronts arent a problem. do the fork bolt the fork to control arm bolt and do the rear lower control arm bolt in the rear. and i picked a spring compresser from sears for 25.bucks. good luck on the install.