Tokico springs vs Eibach Pro-kit springs...


I am considering buying either the tokico or the eibach. My only other choice is H&R if they lowered the car an inch or 1.5 at the max…

  • I am not going to be auto-xing
  • drag racing
  • the mega-slammed look is not of any interest (more camber isues and crawling over speedbumps sideways or getting bumper scratched)

I searched the archives for direct comparism of the above two springs…They both seem to lower the car 1 -1.2 inches, but I was wondering if the Eibach was stiffer (harsher ride) or if the tokico’s sagged with time etc etc…

I was going to buy the tokico blue shock and spring combo, but I wanna be sure that its the best move…Please advise!

Thanks a lot, people!

:up: for the eibachs, but they don’t lower the car that much
i havent had any experiance with the tokicos

B&G springs ???

I just found out about these guys, apparently, they make a setup that lowers the DA 1.5 inches, I thought that is just right as far as the drop goes…

Anyone have any info on them ???


I got the Eibach Pro Kit’s in the summer. They are sweet! They don’t lower the teg too much, but just enough for my liking. Before the drop there was a five finger (my whole hand) gap with the springs it went to a three finger gap. So not too much but just enough to make her look good :slight_smile:

performance wise they are pretty nice. Not too stiff but they are firmer than stock. They are the best mod I’ve done to the teg probably till I get my Tanabe Hyper Medallion exhaust!