Too big of an enclosure?

Right now, I’ve got this pretty big enclosure cut for a 8" sub. I think it’s something like 1.8 Cu. with 2" dia x 4" port. Is there such a thing as having too big of an enclosure for a sub? I’ve got a Vega 84 in there now but I’m getting an IDQ 8DV soon. Is it ok to run with such a large enclosure or should I build one that’s to spec of the sub. The Vega I have right now plays pretty loud but it can get kind of muddy/boomy and I’m more into clean and tight. Anyway, I’m a real newbie when it comes to car audio.

its ok to run it like that, sorta. there will be adverse effects though. If the box isn’t to spec, or at least close, then the sound won’t be what it should be. You also risk damaging the sub. With such a small sub, a huge box and having it ported…it seems to me that its almost like a free air setup, which your sub isn’t made for. I’m pretty sure the sub needs some of that pressure from the air in the box so that the excursion isn’t free to bottom out…but i could be wrong about this.

good choice on the idq! I’ve heard great things about them. I noticed you typed “IDQ 8DV” not sure exactly what you mean, is it an older model? The new ones come in 10", 12" and 15" sizes each with either dual 2ohm or dual 4ohm voice coils. Either way… the idq’s really are made for small enclosures, the IDQ10V.2 for example should be put in a 0.25-0.5 cuft sealed or a 0.75-1.0cuft ported enclosure (personally I think sealed sounds much better…but thats all personal preference). And since you mentioned that your current setup sounds boomy and muddy I would suggest a sealed box for you as well. Generally if you want good sound quality you go w/ sealed, if you want more volume then you go ported or bandpass. But every situation is a little different and every sub is a little different, so there will be many exceptions. Also, with a good sub like the IDQ if its in a ported box it’d probably be worth your while to spend some time tuning the ports…something I know nothing about, lol.

If the IDQ you’re talking about is an older 8" I would still think that your box is WAY too big. Most of the good 8’s out there right now take VERY little airspace, some of the older ones take a little more than the newer ones…but still, i don’t think enough more to warrant such a huge box. If your IDQ is an older sub I suggest trying to find the specs on the box for it. The company gives these specs for a reason and they shouldn’t be ignored. You could probably email Image Dynamics and get the info. Their websiite is:

by the way, if you’re getting a new idq…mind letting me know if you’ve found anywhere with some really good deals on them? I’m really tempted to get an IDQ10V.2 D2…but just not sure if I should spend the $$ or not.

Hey Colin,

I think I saw you driving around UCSD the other day. If so, I’m the nerd that crossed the street in front of your car pointing to it like I thought it was cool =0. ANYWAY, I got this sub off of Ebay. It’s listed as IDQ8 DVC for dual voice coil.

Man, I don’t want to damage the sub. I should have asked about this earlier because the only reason why I stick with 8" subs is because I have a box to accomodate them hah. So if I were to build a box that was to spec of the sub, would it play as loud? I’ve got a sedan so it’s might have to work harder to get sound through the trunk and seats. And with only an 8" in a sealed I’m a bit iffy. Maybe I’ll go with at 12" in a sealed.

As far as where to buy them, I really don’t know. I read something about being a good place. But usually what I do is search Google for the brand and model and go with what ever place looks reputable and cheap. Anyway, good luck with your sound setup too!

did you go to the last san diego meet? The other day I saw someone walk by me while I was driving and look at me…they looked familiar but I couldn’t quite put a finger on why, then I got to thinking and i’m pretty sure i’d seen them at the meet.

do some research at or and see what they say about the box. I know that it won’t be the right size, but it might still work. Like i said before, i’m not sure about the damage thing, just seems possible to me (using my own logic i guess). Also, you won’t get as accurate bass from a ported enclosure, especially if its too big. The ID subs are really made to perform in fairly small boxes. Do you have a link to the ebay auction that you got the sub off of?

Building another box wouldn’t be expensive. You could get some 1/2" or 5/8" mdf for $14-$20, and $10 or so for carpet, then add the cost of screws and glue if you don’t have that stuff laying around. I could even help you out if you want. I’ve built a couple boxes before…although they were fiberglass spare tire enclosures, not your run of the mill cube box. But the normal all mdf boxes are easier and quicker anyway.

I personally wouldn’t even think of using that box you already have. Why?
-i don’t like ported boxes
-its too big for the 8"
-takes up WAY too much room in the trunk (space is a huge issue w/ me, lol)

The zeb doesn’t carry ID, they actually don’t carry many good brands it seems, or at least their selection isn’t the best. Although i’m most likely going to be ordering some components from them soon, i wish they had a good deal on an IDQ, cause i might snatch that up too.

(oh, and if i don’t reply here…its rare when i check this section of g2ic, plus i’ve been pretty busy lately…feel free to email me if you have any other questions or need help w/ anything.)

Hey Colin, yeah I was at that meet. I was trying to remember your name. I think you were the one driving behind me when we got there haha! Anyway, thanks for the tips. I’ll check out those sites you mentioned. Here’s the link to that sub I got…

Maybe I’ll sell it back though (wanna buy it?). If I’m going to build a box I might go with something bigger. Or maybe I’ll see how the 8" sounds. Hah, I’m so indecisive. I just a Nakamichi head unit recently too so I’m pretty stoked about that. I was hoping I’d get the CD400 but it turned out to be the CD40Z which is… decent… in comparison. Quite a disappointement actually but the guy I got it from gave me a bit of a refund so it’s ok. See you around man.

ok, are you a skinny asian dude? or a slightly “big-boned” asian dude (I can say that cause i’m also quite hefty, lol)…or neither? I’ve seen couple g2ic faces around town recently and need to put the name to the face.

hmm, never seen an IDQ8…i wonder if its a v.1 or v.2. but really I have very little knowledge abou these. I’ve been looking at subs for only about a month now. Before this it has been a few years since i had really looked into the whole audio thing. So i’m a little out dated.

honestly i’d probably consider buying that from you except I’m pretty sure I want a 10". But more importantly its the wrong impedance and my amp wouldn’t be perfect for it…but it would be nice to have a sub that required such little displacement!

good luck w/ whatever you choose. by the way, you gonna be able to make it to the meet this sunday?