to who ever keeps x’ing out my comment where do i post my comment about the autosonic thing

maybe you are getting closed threads due to the fact that you are using improper titles!!! bet this one gets closed too…

your threads are being close BECAUSE it has a vague thread title. read the forum faq.

“wtf” and “does anyone know” and this one “???” are not proper thread titles. it does not indicate what your thread is about. use a proper thread title detailing what your problem in your thread is about, and it won’t be closed.

btw: try posting your question in general discussion as it is about a shop, not about a part on your car.

fyi: a recent search on previous threads posted by you all show vague thread title. short word titles such as “tranny question” and “jdm headlights” says nothing about what particular problem you are having. making MORE DETAIL thread titles.