Torn Diaphram in B&M fpr?????

I’ve got a B&M fpr and my fuel pressure seems to be inconsistent. Sometimes my car will be running just fine, and then when I pull up to a stop sign it will just die. I don’t know if its fuel related or what, but its realy frustrating. Sometimes my car just randomly wont start, when that happens, the fuel pressure gauge reads 0 psi, or sometimes the psi goes so high it buries the needle on the other side of the stop pin. When the pressure reads either of these two it wont run. Is it possible that the diaphragm is torn in the fpr? Also, it sounds like the fpr is leaking air (which is weird cuz fuel goes through it, not air), would that be a sign of a bad diaphragm? Thanks ahead for any help.

Up for answers!

u try taking out the FPR and seeing how it runs?

well, I guess I never thought of that. Im just affraid that if I do that my car will run lean with my stock injectors on 12:1 compression. I know I need injectors, and I’ll get them as soon as I can afford to. I guess I could try a stock fpr since I have a spare one, but I really dont wanna run lean.

ohh crap 12.1 with 240’s??!?!?!? try and get another FPR or get those injectors.

I know, I’m hurting for some RC engineering 310’s

yah that’s what i’ll be running myself.