Torn or Cracked ???

Hey guys how can you tell if your headgasket is torn or the motor shell is crack w/o removing the head. I know about the leak down and compression test but can you “really” determine if the headgasket is torn or the motor shell is crack by doing these test. Because I’m mixing oil with antifreeze and burning oil(kinda blue cloud smoke). I took the car to a shop and he says its the headgasket but my car has never overheated since I got it even with the mixing and burning and the resovior fliud goes down a little but the when I check the radiator cap its always full but I can see oil in the water like a octopus squirted ink in my radiator. Thanks guys/ girls for your help.

P.S No burning @ idle speed just when I going up a hill I see lots of smoke and when I go past 5k. Also no burning oil until operating engine temps.

at this point it doesnt matter. you need to tear the engine down either way. So either buy another motor or have that one rebuilt at which point the machine shop will let you know what has failed.

but off hand it sounds like your headgasket. If your sleeve cracked you would be having even more serious issues.