Torque Damper

I am able to get it to fit a DA. or a non-vtec DA i’m sure other can fab it up, but it only took me about 30 mins as i had extra bracket around to fab up. But this was an ebay engine torque damper for $40 bucks and it was free so why not.

It is not needed in a stock to mildy build or even fully build motor, but what do i have to lose i got it free from my brother as it was made for a 96+ civic.

I basically use one of the bracket that came with it that bolts onto the engine mount bolt and then i extend it onto another bracket i fabricate up.

I kept it as straight as possible so there are not bend or twist within the tq damper.

I’m not sure if it will help, but only thing i do notice now is more vibration lmao.

note that i have 80a poly liquid filled mounts on all 4 mounts lmao…

But i thought if it may fit and work no rubs perhaps it doesnt hurt to install one.

took 30 mins or so…

sorry for the dark blur fone foto

It looks like its touching but there actually 2 or so mm from the timing belt cover

But let me know what u guys think and would you tackle this? I’m sure its probably better for the people with lsvtec, b20 and swaps with at least 160whp +

def cool but i think it might do more good mounted next to the fron mount as thats where the longest engine travel is when the mounts flex

+1 for enginuity
-1 for bad quality pictorz

all in all not a bad day haha

probably not the best place to do it in the front mount area as there is not enough room to extend it.

if its possible i would say probably a tranny mount bolt will be in use with such bracket made, but if u get a professional bracket made isnt going to be cheap as it is so much time to fab one and have the welder take the time to make it perfect etc.

but yea i figured i post this up as i just got done with it at night and took 30mins and thought if it were this fast perhaps having it on at the location i had is best as the tower camber bolt and chasis wall is stiffer then firewall or anywhere else. i have a marker marked on the bolt and bracket area to see if it would shift if i drive hard over time. if it does i am going to weld another brace from that bracket to the shock tower bolt. like a Y.

will retake pictures with fone in morning with light…