Torrance, CA - May 31st - Sunday - K1 GoKart

MattyG2 wanted to go, and im up for it.

so seeing if anyone else wanted to go aswell.

the place opens at 11am closes at 7pm

we’re planning to get there by noon, and possibly start racing by 1pm

$6 for a racing license, good for a year
1 race = 14 laps

quick race is $20 (one race + racing license i think)

then there’s a 3 race set for $50

i think we’re going for the 3 race

possible coupon


if anyone would like to join, here’s the address & info

K1 Speed Torrance
19038 S Vermont Ave
Gardena, CA 90248
Phone: (310) 532-2478

So 60 bucks?

3 races = $50 + $6 racing license

-$5 coupon if it works with this

= $51

I knew that

you’re thinking of autox + fun runs


this is a maybe still

tried calling matt - no answer


I say we do this on another time. My funds just aren’t free to spend it like tihs yet.

Try again on saturday?

You guys going to the auto-x event next Sunday? Seems like forever since the last one.

Thinking about it. A friend has a graduation somewhere around then, but the speedventures track day will be going on inside the track.

Matty wants to go to this Sunday’s AutoX, in celebration of his new job!
ST runs group 2 and works group 3, so be there by 8:30am or so.
SM runs last in the afternoon.

Good and early for ST.

Do you know if mantegra and squeezethis are going?

I don’t have mantegra’s number, if someone does ask him.