tp sensor on the tb

well the tp sensor on my tb it broke off and what do i do now like how do i take it off and yeahh… can i run my car with out that tp sensor?

good question cuz mine is broken too…it runs and has been for the past 8 months but itd be nice to know if its gonna have any long term effects

yeahh im with ^^^^

some help…

im pretty sure it will run, but not up to par. what do you mean by broke. any pics

To take it off you need a dremel with a cutting wheel.

Cut a notch in what appears to be the 2 rivets. then get a flat head screw driver and back them out. I belive any 10-40 bolt will work when you put it back together.

BLKACK1 is probably correct. Without the TPS the computer won’t be able to properly adjust to driving conditions. Chances are you will be running rich all the time and get poor mileage.