Trade BNIB Amber 1992 – 1993 DA front bumper turn signal lenses for your USDM ones

Name: rob
Location: virginia beach
Means of contact: call/text 757 412 9951
Price: trade only


I have a set of BNIB amber 1992 – 1993 DA turn signal bumper lenses that I really don’t think will go good with my build anymore. These have never been opened. I am looking to trade for a set of USDM bumper ones. Since mine have never been opened or used I’m expecting a set of USDM ones to be in near perfect shape at least.

These are what I have to trade:

These are what I am looking for:

USDM and JDM bumper lenses are the same for the us 92-93 and JDM 91-92. Just letting you know. Good luck with trade.

X2 I see the clears all the time at Pick n Pull

yeah, i knew that i just couldnt put all of that in the title, then while writing the body of the ad i was on a roll and not thinking about the fact that the DA integra ran from 1989 - 1992 in Japan land. I appreciate the heads up though.


My buddy wants ambers. Let me try to get ahold of him and see what condition his oem ones are in.

Edit: nvm, they aren’t in a condition to trade straight across.


are these oem?

These are not stanley made.


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