Trader rating check. Do you have access to this link?

Do you have access to this page?

Can you click on the tab for my feedback score?

What happens when you click the link to submit feedback for me?

It seems like some people are having problems accessing Trader Ratings so I’m trying to determine what the issue is. Thanks!

I got sent to your feedback page.

I got this.

Works fine for me. Able to leave you feedback.

I doesn’t work for you because you are a hasbeen :giggle: Works fine for me also.

Everything works fine for me. Accessed and tested on my phone. Can’t imagine the PC giving me any trouble. So yeah, it works fine for me.

Though, I noticed my feedback score isn’t shown. At least I don’t see it, anyway.

Also, your post counter appears to be growing…

don’t have permission either.

I need several more responses to check this out. Please reply.

It says I don’t have sufficient privilege to access the feedback page

[QUOTE=THE HASBEEN;2262387]I got this.



Didn’t work for me. Got this instead

I don’t have permission either…

^^^galaxy note? Lol

Doesn’t work for me

Yessor had it since the day it came out

I have the att version tho. Not the unlocked international. But nice!

Same white att one wish i didnt get white tho