trannsmission help

okay heres the prob. about a week ago me clutch went out and, well i got it changed, but know my prob. is that my tranny doesn’t want to go back in, its not, the clutch that is not lined up right its that the bolts it self don’t want to go in, i took the tranny out again and tried the bolts by its self and the still don’t want to go in, what the hell. well im getting frustrated and i need help, if anyone knows what they are doing please help or maybe if one of you can get it one i will pay some $$$$, but you got to know what you are doing, no duck tape to hold it one sorry … i don’t want it to fall of … well. let me know i want to get it in and running before the Sacramento meet. On August 14 . as you can tell I live in Sacramento, 916-261-2482 call me or email me if you can help… :cross:

did you check the treads on the bolts? and im pretty damn sure some of the bolts are longer than others… BTW you arent trying to tread in the dowel pins right