Trans fluid leak after half shaft removal

So I’m pulling my motor bc the idiot who previously owned the car had cross-threaded the spark plug in and when someone was helping me work on my car, which included a tune-up, they thought the one spark plug was just stubborn and cranked on it, snapping it in the head. Instead of spending all the money and time taking the head off and fixing it and reinstalling, I decided to put in the motor from my last DA (which I was about to sell) in my car instead since that way it’d be cheaper for me and would be back on the road sooner.

Well anyways I was taking the car apart as normal, hadn’t drained the trans fluid yet and took the half shaft/intermediate shaft out and trans fluid started pouring out a steady stream from trans. I’m not sure if this is a major problem now with the trans or not. Does fluid normally come out when removing the half shaft, or would that just mean i need to replace that axle seal? Or is there something else wrong internally with the transmission? The transmission drove fine and I can’t tell if it was dripping fluid from there before hand bc of oil leaks from other things such as distributor o-ring, oil pan, valve cover.

Any input would be appreciated, and thanx in advance!

It’s good oil came out least your trans wasn’t empty. Reinstall axle and refill trans with Acura MTF. The filler bolt is on the back side of the trans behind the passenger axle, 17mm bolt.


Ok thank you much for the responses. I feel better now…like I said I guess I usually emptied the trans before removing so I didn’t know that this was normal.

Yep its normal.