Transmission / CLutch question

SO I went to bolt up the flywheel and clutch to the engine tonight, and flywheel went on no issues. However, the clutch would not snug up to the flywheel like it was supposed to.

My question is this, I see the part numbers for obd1 tegs clutches are not the same as an obd0. Napa says the diameter is different, but the flywheel part # is the same for both 91 or 92 integra (confusing!). Since I am fairly certain I had an OBD1 block in the car, if they used the flywheel from that car (even tho the part #s are the same?) do I need to use the smaller diameter disc for a 92 then? This disc for a 91 clearly did not fit.

ANY help is appreciated, having one car is sucking badly right now. Thanks.

im a little confused by what you posted.

-all b series flywheels will fit.
-all b series pressure plates will fit
-90-91 clutch disk have a small spline
-92-01 clutch disk have a big spline

clutch disk is installed in the wrong direction. Try flipping it over. The only difference between a 90-91 and a 92-93 is the center hub of the clutch disc. To make sure you have the right disc try test fitting it to the tranny shaft.

First, thanks for the replies and sorry for my confusing post, 4 hours in a humid warehouse w no air cond pwned me and I was waaaay tired and frustrated lol.

However, this helps a lot. Ill test fit the splines on lunch. I did make sure that the correct side was facing the flywheel as the flatter of the two sides noticed later was also marked flywheel side was facing thowards the engine and flywheel. It did appear the edges of the pressure plate were hitting the disc, and this is a reman clutch from napa, so perhaps they gave me the wrong disc. The pressure plate fit fine other than that.

I will double check on lunch today, thank you both and sorry again, what the hell was I typing up there? Lol