Transmission fluid leaking

So I take my car in for NYS inspection a few weeks back and the mechanic tells me that I have an oil leak. I took the car home, put it on jackstands, and checked it out. The entire underside of the engine compartment is covered in oil. I wiped it down as best I could and checked the oil levels: the engine oil was full, but when I removed the transmission fluid filler bolt and stuck my finger inside I felt nothing. So I bust out the syncromesh and my ghetto-rigged funnel hose contraption and top off the fluid. The transmission took about a quart of oil before it started leaking out. I drove the car for about a week or so and noticed that the sound of the gears in the transmission were getting gradually louder and louder. So I checked it again. The underside was covered in oil again and the transmission was a quart low.

What would be causing the transmission to be leaking this much?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Edit: The car has a b20z with fidanza flywheel, and stage 1 clutch as of 12k miles ago.

can you see where it might be coming from?did you change your axle seals?

I agree, check the axle seals. I have had two transmissions with super hard seals that leaked horribly. also check to make sure that all the plugs on the side are completely tight, and if you still can’t find it, get some of the UV dye for oil and a blacklight, it helps sooo much! post a pic or two so we can see the general area it is coming from!

I didn’t change the axle seals when I did the swap.

On a side note: The car also just started (as of last Sunday) shaking during acceleration and making a thumping sound as I speed up. It started happening right after I put my snow tires/rims on the car. I’m guessing it’s a bad axle on the passenger side. I wonder if the axle has anything to do with the leak?

I am currently away at school for another week and a half, so I have no access to a garage or jackstands here. I do, however, have them at home.

Would it be possible for the MTF to leak from the flywheel side of the transmission or is that area completely separated from the flywheel and clutch assembly? Is the axle seal the only seal on the transmission that could leak?
Would the transmission need to be dropped to replace an axle seal, or can it be done by removing the axle?

Thanks guys!

diff. check the alxe seals i change mine everytime i change my axles.if you need some help your not that far from me when your home from school and ill give you a hand.oh yeah you just have to pull the axle

fantastic, thanks for the offer. If I think I need some help on it I will definitely let you know. Where in NY are you???
I’m pretty sure my passenger axle is screwed, so I need to pull it anyway. I’ll replace the seal while I’m at it.

monroe/washingtonville area man i only know one other person around me with a da/db and would like to meet more i might be able to even get my boy to let me do it in shop too

That’s awesome, then. I live in Woodbury, so when I get home I’ll let you know. Working on shit in a shop is WAY easier than laying on my back on the concrete garage, that’s for sure.

Did you move to the OC recently or did you go to high school around there?

live in middletown for a while then moved back to fl (thats where i grew up)then moved back up here in wife has a lot of family in the middletown area

Hey guys, which part is the axle seal? (photos are from Napa)

It’s #18 here, right?

im from yonkers and my boy has white da in monroe

number 18 is the transmission seal… i think. cuz i’ve talked to too many people and they say that the axle seal is just a simple o-ring that goes into that transmission seal. but i have the same problem. i was changing my axle ring and my transmission seal broke on me. so now i gotta change that too.

Does anyone know how to replace it? sorry it’s really hard to discribe. but it looks like number 18 on that diagram posted above. thanks.

My tranny is leaking too, At first I noticed spots of oil in my garage, then it slowly become more rapid. I just checked under my car today and noticed just complete filth under my tranny, cant even explain how muddy/dirty - green colored’ish it is. what tool did you use to remove the filler bolt? breaker bar? my socket wrench wasnt strong enough. Im going to check if fluid levels are okay probaly not if theres that much dirt.