Transmission ID w/o label

Hey, G2! I really need help identifying this trans I picked up. The label is long since gone, but I was hoping that someone can identify the marks on the case. I have a couple of pics, I hope this helps.






The only way to really tell is to crack the case. To my knowledge there were no case stamps or markings on the case of the trans to tell you what is inside of it. The obvious, look into the differential and see if it has a metal bar, or if you can see through the differential… that will tell you whether it has LSD or not… Counting the Final Drive gear-teeth would narrow it down some, but then count the second gears main-shaft and counter-shaft gear-teeth.

Check your findings with the list here:

Though they dont have the gear-teeth count for cable trannies, simple math will give you the gear ratio, you can use those ratios and the first ‘graph’ to determine what you have.

There is a bar (or shaft) running through the differential. What does that mean? …Open?.. LSD? My inquiring mind wants to know…may as well throw a couple pics up.



It means non-lsd… an ‘open’ lsd trans wouldn’t have that shaft through it (‘closing’ it off).