transmission noise in nuetral

i just noticed last night that my transmission is making a faint noise when in nuetral, i noticed this when i had my car parked. It makes a kind of whirring noise when the clutch is let off but when i press the clutch in the noise goes away. Maybe the noise has been there for a while i just recently noticed it. The car drives like normal. what could be causing the noise?

throw out bearing. i am Certain.

would be the internal berring in the tranny… mine does the same

the TOB is always spinning clutch in or not… it just disengaged the disc

noise sorta sounds like gravel right? lol

i just recently installed an exedy stage 1, it came with everything needed so the pilot bearing and throw out bearing were replaced too. its kind of faint you really cant tell the noise is there unless you listen for it. plus i have noisey ass injectors. it kind of does sound like gravel or cement in a mixer.

i call it the nose berring (as called in ford transmissions)

to change it you have to pull the whole tranny apart

simply put… drive it untill it gets extremely loud unless u want to replace ur tranny

:slight_smile: goodluck on it tho… our tegs have 2 things goin wit the trannys… mine will randomly grind a little and the berring makes noise… the other one leaks like a mofo and have a whine (from running low on fluid is my guess)

the one that leaks doesnt grind at all tho so it seems all good

Input shaft bearing (probably the same thing Radzer0 is referring to). I have the same problem on my car - replaced the clutch last summer, so the pilot and throw-out bearings are new. Was told by another member that heard the car that his sounded the same, was input shaft bearing.

It is inside the tranny, so I haven’t done anything to it. is definitely not faint on my car now though.

yea… thats what im talkin about… too bad its not like on a ford… on a ford u pull the nose piece off the tranny and the berring is right inside there

my car hasnt gotten much louder… corse i try to ignore it… like stopped i usualy keep my food on the clutch :wink: i figure if u look at it… a week it might take a hour of use off that berring… it will give it more time… and posably some time to cool… just my thoughts there tho… nothing proven

That sound is normal. All manual tegs do it just that not many people notice it. I know mine’s been doing it for about 4 years now and no problems with the tranny whatsoever. What you are hearing the the flywheel or the output shaft spinning. Notice that when you push the clutch in, it goes away. What you are hearing is the inertia of the car being released since you have your foot off of the clutch and the tranny in neutral.

i do know the noise your talking about with the output shaft… and no… the noise were refering too isnt that lol… thats more of a whine

as for saying its flywheel spinning… think about it… the flywheel is bolted to the crank… pressing in the clutch pedal aint gonna stop it from spinning :wink: