Transmission problems need some advice

I have a 90-91 S1 b16 tranny with b18cr, currently have stock flywheel with exedy st2 3 puck. Im having problems getting the car into any gear when im at a complete stop. When i try reverse it grinds in and kind of jumps the car back. Redlining 1st to second it dont want to go. Shifting normally feels ok. So everyone i talked to said the problem is my clutch assembly, i pulled out the tranny and pressure plate and clutch springs and fingers look ok. Any ideas? I been pulling my hairs trying to figure this out, Thanks guys

You’re sure the clutch was disengaging completely?

Linkage isn’t bent or anything like that?

First off you can’t use that tranny with that motor, I ran a y1 lsd and broke 3 different lsd diffs. You Need A 92 93 B16 Cable tranny or a hydro tranny.
I just had so many issues with that 90 91 tranny, axle seal leaks, passenger side axle vibrated.
I ran my 00 jdm type r swap for 2 years with that tranny then switch to a 92 ls trans, installed b16 gears, 95 ls half shaft and axles and 2 years now with no issues.

It feels like the clutch isnt disengaging all the way but the tranny arm is lifting all the way up when i clutch in, so it dont seem to be a stretched cable issue, ive also tryed adjusting the cable aswell, replaced all linkage bushings.when the car is off the gears go threw no problems