Transmission Stock Diffs Questions!!!

I am almost done with my tranny rebuild on my jdm b16 y1 trans, I thought I would have enough dough to go with a lsd, but turns out the gearspeed sleeve set I got pretty much ate all my money. So I am going to just put a stock diff in the tranny. My question is do all stock diffs from any year LS tranny work, or are there differences other than the final drive ratio. Some people told me all cable trannies use the same diff. 90-91 and 92-93 trannies, others say no only 90-91 diffs will work in the y1 trans. Need to get the facts straight so I can go ahead and get one.

X2 for the question. I have a 91 LS aftermarket diff and wanna know if it would work in a 92 Gsr ys1 trans?