Transmission Swap/Upgrade...Not Sure What To Call It!?

This could quite possibly be the oddest idea/concept ever posted, but whatever…you only live once. I drive a 1990 Integra GS 4-Door. The car has a supprisingly low amount of milage, 97,XXX…anyway, somehow the clutches in the automatic transmission have worn themselves out. The worst spot is between second and third gear, especially when the transmission is cold. I could have that car revving at 5500 rpm’s for several seconds/minutes before it shifts. Obviously, I need to rebuild/replace it, as it is getting worse. Before I go to the trouble and expense of doing so, I had an idea that I wanted reviewed first.

When I am at cruizing speed on the freeway, it annoys me that the car has to constantly rev at such a rpm…I know it is due to the fact that I don’t have a 5th gear. But, I have seen some 4 speed cars with overdrives that allow the car to maybe drop the rpm by 50%. As, if I am at 80 mph, i am just under 4,000 rpm. This drives me crazy. Is there anything I can do as far as adding or swapping internal components in my transmission case to cure this inconvenience.

I have seen some motorcycle enthusiests swap 6 speed transmissions in 4 speed cases, but that is a Harley not an Acura. Can something of a similar nature be done in my situation? Oh yeah, i know I would sacrafice a great deal of torque, as my car has none below 4000 rpm, but there is an easy remidy for that.

why reinvent the wheel? just get a used transmission or do the auto to manual swap

just be happy w/that low of rpms, lol i’m pulln almost 5k at 80. i agree w/junkman just do the swap or do a auto to man.

if i wanted a manual, i’d get a manual. I want an automatic…now is there a way to do what i asked or am i just going to get sensless and useless commentary questioning my rational?

Plain and simple…there is no way of doing that in our auto tranny’s.

What’s so bad about 4k at 80mph?

GSR’s pull 4k at 70 in 5th gear. Personally, I like it that way. It makes driving on the freeway fun; when I touch the gas, I go, no downshifting required.

unless you are CAD master and have the resources and machines to manufacture a new tranny case and internals, a 6 speed auto will not happen, and plus what are you going to do about the computer, you think because you bolted in a 6 speed it will say hey now i have to totally reprogram myself to change 6 gears, not going to happen. :up:

gsr- u read wrong 5k at 80, Lsd Xsi B16 tranny (supposed to be same ratios as type r) :burnout: