Transmission wont stop leaking

It seems like no matter what I do my transmission just wont stop leaking from the axle seal. I replaced the axle seal with a brand new oem one from Honda and it still leaked. I just went and bought a new axle today and an oem Honda snap ring for it, but yet it continues to leak. It’s just a slow drip coming from the passenger side axle seal. I’ve watched it and seen it drip out so I know 100% that’s where it’s coming from, I just can’t seem to figure out why. I’m really tired of filling my trans up once a month because of this. The transmission doesn’t make any weird noises, has no grinds or issues other than this leak. I’m out of ideas as to why this axle seal continues to leak. Oh and yes the axle seal was put in properly and is flush with the trans casing. This has been a problem all year long and I’m just to the point now where I don’t even wanna drive the car cause I’m always worried the trans is too low on fluid. Any ideas guys??? Thanks!

Trans is an s4 from the civic si

Is it leaking from between the seal and driveshaft? Or from between the casing and the seal?

If it’s leaking from between the driveshaft and the seal, I’d think the ‘tension spring’ of the seal is not seated properly.

Hopefully you get it sorted man.

Idk, it’s hard to tell with the axle pressed up against it.

So I put rtv around the seal where it touches the casing just to see if it would stop. Now I hate having rtv around that seal, but it seems to be working. There weren’t any puddles on my garage floor, I just went and drove it and didn’t see any drips on my trans either so it appears to be all good. I’m gonna let it sit as is over night and if I don’t see any leaks by tomorrow then I’m calling it fixed. Then I’m finally gonna put my Motul fluid into it =] I’m happy now

Is it around the black inspection piece?

Inspection piece?

well, if you put sealant around where the seal meets the case and it stopped, clearly it’s leaking from between the seal and the case. when you installed the seal, did you spread a thin layer of sealant around the seal edge where it seals against the case? and made sure the surfaces were both clean as well as free of nicks or damage? didn’t damage the case when you popped the old one out?

UGH!!! Nevermind. It was good for a few days so I decided to finally put the Motul fluid into it and now it’s leaking again. It has to be coming out from where the axle goes through because it’s sealed with rtv where it touches the casing. I don’t get why it’s still leaking. I only put 2 qts in today so it shouldn’t be over full

See those 3 dents in that metal thing (2 big, 1 small)? Could that be causing my leak? and does that piece with the dents spin along with the diff?

well, it’s all mangled. so i’d assume that’s why. look at it. it’s cracked. you used the wrong size socket to drive it in. replace it. when you remove it, look for any gouging or damage to the mating surface on the case. use a proper size socket or seal driver when you install.

It’s not cracked, and it’s not leaking anymore! =] I went to napa and got a seal for a 91 integra instead of getting a seal for the 00 civic si (si is the trans I’m using), since the axle is from the 91 teg. Turns out the inside diameter hole is slightly smaller on the seal for the 91, even though honda says they both use the same seal… I now know if I ever have to replace that seal again to get it from napa and not honda cause the oem one didn’t work. I’m a happy camper now and It feels so nice to finally be able to drive my car and not worry about that leak. Now that I can drive it again I’ll get to see if buying that Motul Moltygear fluid for it was worth it. Thanks for all the help guys I appreciate it