Transmission won't upshift

I have a 1990 Integra with only 264k on it, fully stock with an Automatic transmission. I have had this problem for like 10 years. My transmission won’t switch to 3 gear until it is warmed up. Which means I have to drive about 5 miles before it will switch out of 2nd gear. Usually in the summer it is better and it will switch after about 2 miles. But this summer it won’t switch till I am go about 7 miles. It really pisses people off on the freeway going 55 on the freeway at 5000 rpm. Once it is warmed up, it works fine the rest of the day.

My question is has anyone tried anything in there transmission that would help this? My guess is I am not the only one that has this problem. I put some “trans X” in it a while ago. I am not sure if it helped, a guy at work suggested type f transmission fluid, but I am skeptical. I don’t want to kill it, since I am trying to get 1 million miles on my original engine and transmission.

MMmmm, the G2 teg automatic transmission is not the best candidate for your 1 million mile goal. You could get a magnetic drain plug and just change the fluid more frequently, see what collects on that plug.

you could try to clean the gear selector position switch first probbibly the simplest thing to start with. i have this same problem but not to that extent it wont shift to fourth until it warms up during the may seem odd but this helped my problem out a bit. If this does not work i would next look at the transmission solenoids themselves theres a total of three 2 on top 1 on the bottom. to find out about this do a search for automatic transmission problems. many people have identical problems give it a shot. Hope this helps:auto:

I have heard about these transmission solenoids, a few times here, I wonder why my mechanic never mentioned those to me before. He made it seem like it was something inside the transmission that could not be fixed without replacing the whole transmission.

Thanks for the info I will look into that.

no prob most mechanics dont know about it or wont say something about it i myself havent cleaned mine yet but the process seems fairly simple take them off clean the screens inside and replace some people have had amazing results and its important to use honda transmission fluid.