Trouble with Speedometer-connector

I pulled the instrument cluster today, and I pulled the connector off the speedo cable. Now I can’t get it (the connector) back on. What should I do?

I feel you man. I did that to mine and got the cable back in and after that it never was the same. So at the moment, I am planning to use a electrical guage and use the speed sender wire to the ECU to run it. I will let you know how it goes when im done.


first of all i know first hand that there are many other threads about this and to help you with this problem just look in your engine bay and find the speed wire and disconnect it from the tranny then you have slack to connect it again, after cluster is back together reconnect the wire to the tranny.


you can pinch the connector with some vice grips. Thats what i did and disconnect it from the tranny then reconnect it back.

dude i my mechanic had this same problem, so he rigged the connector by using a small cutting tool, like a dremel, and cut two lines length wise along the metal portion of the connector. This allowed him to use vise grips or pliers to clamp the metal part to the cable.
It worked good until I went crazy and took out my dash! In the process I accidentally pulled it back out and then I couldn’t get back in. Remedy: I went to the pull-a-part in Buford and got one for like $3.
Now my problem is getting the part in the tranny to work. Everything is connected at the intrument cluster, but it still doesn’t turn the speedometer? What am I doing wrong?

I found that the easiest way to get it back in is to disconnect the cable from the transmission. Reinstall the cable on the gauge cluster first then once you have the cluster installed, you should have the cable sticking out of the firewall. Its a bit tight but its so much easier than trying to get it in through the cluster.

Hope this helps.

well after trying to push on the connector to the cable the rubber around the cable began to fray. This made it even hard to work with because the metal strands in the rubber were coming out and preventing the connector from sliding over the cable. So after that i took some needle nose pliers and made the opening a lot wider. Then i cut some of the frayed rubber with some cutters and i finally was able to get the connector to slip on.

Now the only thing is getting the cable connected to the cluster. I’ve pulled the cable out of the VSS. Now im waiting on troubleshooting on some electrical problem the cluster.

Thanks for all your comments and help.