True or Not!? i heard from JE that WISECO/JE pistons wont fit stock rods?

some guy on the phone at JE said JE/Wiseco pistons wont fit on stock b20 rods. I have also heard they fit up fine. Whats the real answer? thanks


I don’t know if this is true. I do know that aftermarket rods (like the eagles I got for my b18c) usually won’t work with stock pistons because the stock pistons/rods are held together by a non-floating rod (meaning the pin gets stuck in the rod, and will not go flying out one end of the piston), but most forged rods are free-floating thus leaving no mechanism to hold the pin in place with a stock piston.
With a stock rod and an aftermarket piston, the rod would not be floating, and the piston would have spirolocks or some other “stopper” integrated to keep the pin in place. I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t use the stock rods and just have the pins pressed in like you would for a stock piston. I wouldn’t go out and buy the pistons till your SURE you know what your getting into.