koni and g/c lowest price??

well i was looking around and found this place but was wondering if anyone has bought from them or if there a legit company to deal with? thats the lowest price i found.

i bought my exedy stage 1 clutch from them. great prices, excellent service, and fast shipping. so i’d say go for it.

no one seems to have posted complaints. Go for it. :up: i wish i had the money to spend on a koni setup…my illuminas will have to do.

yea i was looking around and seen them and was like wow! well as long as everyones herd or actually delt with them then alright!

sounds like a good deal. im hoping if they have ours in stock?. would like to order a set, tired of not ridin low!

they do its on the site. 90-93 integra

Like I have said before, wouldn’t you want to support people who support this site? Check the vendors forum here, I know one company has that same combo.

yea but not at that price…maybe see if they can meet the price??

:werd: i’m all for supporting the site, but why when you can find better deals?

Because usually the ones who support the site keep the site running, which in turn supports your “where can I get it cheaper” threads. I can understand if it is a $50+ difference, but if it’s a few bucks, people need to get over it. I would always check with the local sponsors even see if they can come close to the price before I went elsewhere.

I know another place where they’ll beat that price…but since im an ass. Im not going to tell you.


indeed. I know a guy where i can get konis for low 400 shipped, and i’ll just buy the GCs separate.

a buyer is entitled to buy from whoever he wants. If he wants a lower price then so be it. if the sponsor cant meet it then its too bad. Before buying i always check here or H-T, but sometimes its just cheaper elsewhere.

If sellers really want to sell they’ll bend over backwards to get a customer. It shouldnt be the other way around.

And that is the kind of mentality that is killing this market. People are so cheap they are willing to buy from places that have no store, that have no customer service, that have no inventory, that have no sort of business mind set, no ethics, I could keep the list going on and on. Yes you have the right to buy elsewhere, no the seller does NOT have to bend over backwards. That is how we get these shitty “overnight shops,” they get horrible reputations, and in return give this industry a bad name. And the people that are adding to this flame are the ones who only care about price, not about customer service. Or even worse, the ones who order something for dirt cheap (let’s say $5 profit) and the customer calls back 10 mins later “where’s my tracking number,” then next day calls “why hasn’t my order arrived?” Some people just want it all. Don’t expect your order overnight when you are buying from a west coast company and live in the east. And if you buy from a cheap un-reputable company don’t come crying back when your order came back wrong, didn’t fit, or was delayed.

The 2/3 law, cheap, fast, and good.

Please reference here for a good arguement.

Please also note that the company he talks about would be a good example of the one that gives the rest of the industry a bad name.

On top of that I will also add that truehonda from what I have heard is reputable, and they do sponsor some sites, just not this one as you can tell.

we’re not talking about buying shady dealers here and has almost no bearing on this conversation. the guy you linked even says Customer service is having the customer #1 and doing all bunch of other stuff. That imo is bending backwards for the customer. in no way am i saying that it is required, but it damn looks good.

We’re comparing sponsors of different forums and picking the best price out of them. Researching the seller for negative feedback is the responsibility of the buyer. maybe it wasnt appropriate to post about a sponsor with a lower price that does not do business here. To the OP, you should just create a thread on H-T.

if your whole argument was about my Koni “guy”, i’ve already mentioned in other threads he is a close friend that works for ITT. He doesnt own a store, he doesnt do it for everyone, and he doesnt look for any kind of kick back. he was disappointed that i didnt go with a koni setup when i saw him yesterday. I saw a tokico handling kit on ebay for 448 + shipping from a respectable seller (99.6 feedback, over 25k transactions), while just over 400 would give me just koni struts. I looked at h-t for the same kit, and the lowest was in the 500s. So guess where i bought my suspension.

that said, unfortunately weksos offers their kit for 885, and is the only sponsor here with the Koni/GC kit for sale as far as the search for “koni” is concerned. the price difference between truehonda and weksos justifies the OP from buying the latter. The gap only widens for the top hat deal.

actually…weksos isnt even a sponsor.

But he also says that people shouldn’t jump on the lowest deal, customer service comes at a price. Which would refer to my 2/3 rule. I didn’t realize weksos was off the boards. My main point was against this “If sellers really want to sell they’ll bend over backwards to get a customer.” Customer service and fair prices is 180 degrees from “bending over backwards” for the customer, at below cheap pricing.

Anyways to stop adding nonsense to this thread I would say go with that seller as they have seemed to be reputable in the past, and from what I have seen, they have fair pricing.

:corn: interesting points. Yeah a great price is well great and all till something goes wrong and then you pay for it in frustration trying to get it worked out. But if both companies are reputable then I would just go with whichever I felt more comfortable with.

well we will find out soon when i puchase from them. i mean im hearing good things about the company so ill go for it and check with them and see how there customer serivce is in my opinion and keep this updated.