trunk open sensor?

Recently my alarm has been going off because it thinks my trunk is open, and it isn’t. Is there a sensor somewhere that should be cleaned, or could it be as simple as a loose bulb / connector somewhere…any insight appreciated.

The trunk “sensor” is a switch built into the latch it supplies a ground to the trunk light and the trunk ajar warning light in the cluster.

What I would do is disconnect the trunk trigger into the alarm and see if you still have a problem.:hmm: 94

I’ve had a similar problem. The trunk idiot light in the gauge cluster would light up sporadically even if the hatch is closed (this only happened when the car is in motion; not when the alarm is armed). Ghetto solution: wrap heavy duty electrical, duct, or gaff tape around the part of the trunk loop that engages into the trunk latch. I don’t know if alarm systems use the same switch on the latch to trigger the alarm, but this has yet to fail me.