try to figure this one out. - confusing.(kinda long)

here we go… as many of you know, i just swapped my engine. i’ve been having a few problems, but nothing big. at first my fans would’nt turn on, so i hard wired them to a toggle switch - fans work, problem solved. i drove the car around and the temp guage fluctuated normal to hot constantly. after driving it like that for about an hour, i turned the car off and the fans stayed on with the toggle switch off. they eventually shut off - i’m thinking my fans work just fine and i ran the toggle switch for no reason at all. i decided to take out the thermostat temporarily until i get a new one to solve the temp problem. after i removed the thermostat last night i realized i was real low on coolant(i’m a dumbass - i was tired) so that was probably my temp problem. i decided instead of going through the hassle of putting the thermostat back in, i’d just leave it out for now and get a new one anyway - so i went to sleep. at 7am this morning i discovered that my fans are on and they were’nt when i went to sleep. i switched the toggle switch to off, but they stayed on. i disconnected both the green and white sensors and they still stayed on. i reconnected the 2 sensors and started the car. it started up fine - the fans did’nt kill the battery. when i shut the car off the fans turned off.(???) at 9am the fans were back on!! i did’nt have any time to play around so i drove it to work. the fans shut off with the car when i got to work. temp guage did’nt rise past a little less than normal the whole way to work - temp problem solved(thermostat or lack of coolant). as far as i know the fans have’nt turned on once since i’ve been at work. i went on break at 11am and the fans were off.
----- does this seem weird to any of you?? how could they have a “mind of their own”?? what would cause the fans to kick on when ever?? i was gonna do a search, but i’ve never heard of anyones cooling problems get this crazy. - please don’t tell me to search, i’ve read countless “fan” threads in the past week alone not including the past in general.

okay, i just got back from lunch. it’s actually only one fan thats staying on(yes it was on when i went to lunch). the fan did’nt turn off when i shut off the car this time. looking in the engine bay from the front of the car, its the fan to the right. which is that, the A/C fan??

dayum… come on people… i guess nobody ate their wheaties this morning. i unplugged the A/C fan and stopped the problem for now since i’m not using the A/C. but what would cause the problem??

Just to clarify, you’re full on water/coolant, you have your thermostat in, and there are no cooling system leaks right?

yeah, i’m full on coolant, i DON’T have my thermo in right now(just took it out temporarily to solve the temp problem), and no, i don’t have any cooling system leaks. but this is the a/c fan we’re talking about. bad ground or pinched wire???

something funky with your wiring. You have a positive somewhere that is triggering the fan. It could be that there is an exposed wire somewhere, or it got exposed when you put the motor in. It could be a hassle trying to look for it, just hope it’s not under the dash somewhere. It’s kind of like having an alarm go off in the middle of the night for no reason. I would just keep the fan disconnected, because you don’t want to have a dead battery.