tuner lug nuts

Anyone know a good place on the net to get a set of lug nuts? I checked ebay but I dont know which ones are good. I just bought a set of new rims, I know the OEM ones wont fit.

i think autozone had the gorilla ones ive heard they last because of the key design… mine are ebayer’s they blow… id sugest getting cheap ebay ones for maybe 5-6 removeals… the key gets stuck in mine… they rust… there a bitch and ima get rid of em soon enuf

Spoon sports!

muteki super tuner nuts

these are the ones I got off ebay…
ebay link muteki super tuner nuts

I am thinking about these: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=7958890418&category=33749&sspagename=WDVW

Try tire shops they usually have an assortment

I saw these on ebay, would you buy locking nuts separately? are these a good deal?

I have gorilla lug nuts on mine. The key design is great b/c the key goes on the outside instead of the instead. Plus they come in an assortment of colors so you can decide what looks best with your setup. I sound like a commercial, haha. Good luck.

i have those too… i did not buy them off of ebay. but that is cheaper then what i paid. also comes with more. plus the key. all of those are locking. every single one of them. they work good. no rust, nothing that would cause any danger. so far, been on the car at least 6 months with my taking it off and putting them on. just make sure when you install them not to install them with a high impact wrench. if installed correctly they wont come lose. i know cause i checked the first two months and they were tight every single time. now i just check when the car sits for more then a day out on the street.

i got the nsx lugs from my dealer. :clap:

When I said locking nuts I meant the kind that are supposed to deter thieves, do you need a special “key” to get them off?


yes you so need a special key to get them off. it comes with it.

I guess Ill try them out, as long as they dont rust or fall off while driving.

Thanks for all your help guys…your the best.