Tuner shop help

Hey guys Im new to the forum Ive only lurked a little while :shy: . I have a 93 white teg w black trim auto, the person I bought it from said some engine work was done to it. It has bad compression on 2 cylinders, seems to burn/blacken oil, the dreaded low idle/roaming idle (I mean idleing at >150 rpms sometimes and still running), idles so low it cuts itself off etc etc. and It seems to be running rich. The car does run but its reliablility is at stake :cross: and Im pretty sure I want to just change the engine and associated components(Im not rich but Im willing to save) and upgrade for reliability and power if its feasible. Heres the problem I live in Sherwood, Arkansas and I dont know much about cars in general. i was thinking I could get a shop to do the swap for me but I cant seem to find one. Is there a list or forum somewhere, where I can find “tuner shops” I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some pointers on shops, engines (I kinda scanned all the varieties, but Im not planning on doing the work just some pointers or tips on what I should go for), or transmissions (since the engine is out ya know, I did check the auto to manual thread and saw some of the responses like “get a manual” :slight_smile: and “it can be done”) just some opinions on it ya know. Thanks in advance.


oh heres the car

it would be so nice to have a kept up list of tunning shops. but so many tunning shops fly by night and its hard to find good reputable tunning shops that will be around for along time. there should be a webring of tuner shops

Yea I know, Im still looking though… to no avail :rant: at least the car runs in the cold I found out this morning.

if your willing to do the work i can ship you out parts and such.

i was leanign torwards a good ecu tuner. but ya you can order all parts

Thanks DALS but Id just blow the car up :shrug: I dont know much when It comes to cars and whole engine and transmission swaps with tuning is way over my head. I also dont have a garage or tools :frowning: .