tuning my teg...

i have just begun 2 explore engine mods for my 1993 GS-R. i already have…
-16in gunmetal rota subzero wheels in kumho tires
-JDM front lip, sidemarkers, taillamps, one piece headlamps and XSi + H logos

  • NGK spark plugs+ blue wires, optima battery
    -TIEN luxury master drop springs, 1.2 inch drop

so now im thinking of adding a DC sports header and exhaust and an AEM cai with a bypass valve, and aem cam gears. this wont make amazing power, so i need ur help. please give me some ideas of what more to add. (i have a tight budget, so no turbos or superchargers( :gotrice:

Thanks, u guys rock!

cams before cam gears. weight reduction.