tuning w safc

I was wondering if rather than paying $450 to get dyno tuned, am i able to somewhat tune out my motor (mods below) between using adjst cam gears and a apexi safc II??

b18a1 - 9:1 compression (cometic headgasket to lower, came this way), ARP headstuds:
CAI, Headers, hi flow cat, exhaust, upgraded coil/cap/rotor, gsr radiator, stage 2 cams ,adjst cam gears, lt flywheel, stage 2 pressure plate, ACT street clutch, think thats about it

:umno: you could, I wouldn’t recomend it unless you know what you are doing or have someone else that knows what they are doing to help you… If you were to run it I would suggest getting getting a msd boost retard… but really you cant beat a good tune

im not looking for anything amazing outta this car. Its my daily driver, my truck is my toy (s10 w 350). I just figured rather than spending $450+ on a dyno tune, i might be able to do it this way instead.

We’ve tuned out my buddies 03 bonneville, using hptuner, along with a few other cars, so it not completely new. You mention a msd boost retard, whats the purpose?? may sound dumb here, but im not running boost. Im new to the whole honda scene

would i be better off getting an ecu from like phearable than trying to tune out with the safc?

well if you’re on the phearable’s website you should see why piggback fuel controller suck.

and you cant really compare that to a full dyno tune since technically AFCs only are suppose to alter fuel tables, even though they adversely affect ignition tables. fuel and ignition are not independently controllable like how a dyno tuner can tune your engine.

afc hacks suck.

man here’s the thing. your other threads included, if you are going to venture into a build, you need to do some research and get some cash ready. Do it right the first time and avoid lots of problems. later. Tuning for example is one place you DEFINITELY do not want to skimp on.

money aint an issue, im just new to the honda scene and trying to figure out what will work and not work thats all.

It’s a question of what will work and what will work properly. THe following are (in my opinion) the better tuning systems for our cars, in no particular order

Crome Pro

correct. sorry i thought you were boosted … why else do you need a safc?? tunning with a vafc and your mods will net you about .7 h.p.

need to no, can yes. honda sets their fuel maps richer than is needed for optimal performance. this is mainly to keep gas milage and offset stupid people who run the wrong gas in their cars. tuning a stock engine can release some power.

well duh… of course if you tune anything it will put down more power, but is it worth it ?

It can be imo. you can spend some time tuning for power and fuel milage. just depends on if you have the time to do it. i will say it’s no necessary but it can be done. Look at it like this. if you do it now, it’s already done. when you go further adding bolts ons and such, all you need is a retune. guess that’s what i’m getting at.