Turn signals not functioning correctly.

Hey guys,

So my dad had me move my Integra the other day and had me park in the carport on the other side of where I usually park, and where he had me park happens to have about a 3 inch raised piece of pavement. I went to back out the other day and caught my mirror. I lost a little bit of paint on my passenger side, But all in all that wasnt the bad part as the mirror already had some bad paint scuffs from the previous owner. Anyway, I continued to back out when I felt the bushes scrape and grab up under the under carriage of my Integra. I tried to manuever the wheel the other way and it did no good. I continued to try to back out slowly and my front bumper and my custom front License plate began to drag on the pavement and I looked down and it snapped like a twig. But I also happened to rip my bumper off it’s bolts on the entire passenger side and it was only secured on the driver side. Anyway, I was able to fix the damage with the help of my friend and my uncle. But now my front corner turn signals both flash, Whether I put my right signal on, or my left. It doesnt matter… They both end up flashing… My bottom bumper turn signals work perfectly and so do my break light turn signals. We checked the bulbs in the turn singals and they were all good. Does anybody have any idea as to what it could be? Im sure it’s probably something small and stupid… I just wanted to see if anybody else has ever experienced this? This is the first and only time this has happened and it started a couple days ago when I first yanked my front bumper out of place on the passenger side from catching the lip in the driveway.

Did any wires snap when this happened

My passenger side turn signal came unhooked. My uncle “jimmy rigged it”. He was going to rewire the light, but for whatever reason all he ended up doing was wrapping some electrical/duct tape around the turn signal light once he rigged the wires back into it. Could that have anything to do with it?

The front side markers are controlled by the ICU, both side markers flashing when signaling left or right is a common failure of the ICU.

Question, do your intermittent wipers work properly, does the rear window defrost work properly, do all your warning chimes work, [lights still on, key still in ign., seat belt warning, dome light off drivers door]? 94

My intermittent wipers only seem to work when they want too. My rear defrost worked perfectly the last time I used it. All my warning chimes work, But I have a Chipped ECU in my car. It was given to my bro from a friend after my original ECU fried and was told it would work. Which it does, But it’s throwing all the codes from the previous owners car. My check engine light usually stays on and only goes off every once in a great while, but for the most part usually remains on, and my s3? i believe it is always flashes on my dashboard, which is the tranny code or something isnt? But all of my fluids (tranny included) are all fine.

The ICM has nothing to do with the ECU/ECM, the ICM is located on the back of the under dash fuse box and is a common problem on older Honda/Acura.

Intermittent wipers, rear window defog, chimes, front side markers are just the most common problems when the ICU takes a crap, there are others, but if one or more of the above are not working properly, it is almost always due to a bad ICU

The flashing S3 is in fact a problem with the A/T Shift Control Unit, you can “pull” codes from it like you can the ECU/ECM, I would clear all codes from ECU/ECM and the A/T Shift Control Unit, and see if they come back, before you do anything else.

I am sure if you search here or Google you will find how to clear the codes from both. 94

FCM - Thanks I’ll look into doing that.

I have the same problem with a g2 that I recently acquired. Thanks. Imma find out how much it is to replace the icu

It is repairable most of the time…
http://forums.g2ic.com/showthread.php?206241-ICU-removal-guide-rear-defroster-some-lighting-and-windshield-wiper-issues&highlight=icu+repair 94