Turn Signals not working

When I replaced my Guage cluster. My turn signals are not working anymore. Everything else works. Lights, High Beams, everything except the turn signals. It doesn’t even flash or work.

So I put back my old Guage cluster and it didn’t work. Am I missing a connection.

I check the Fust box and its okay.

get a test light and check fuses sometime you cant tell there blown mine didnt work after i tore the interior out of mine to paint the doorjams , and it was a fuse

did that… and the fuse light went on. So the fuse is okay

make sure the hazard switch is fully connected - they won’t work if that is not connected.

ohh okay… i’ll try putting back the hazzard switch back… i sure appreciate the help if it works. I’ll let you guys know the update

STRIKEBACK03 - Thanks for the tip on fixing the turn signals. It now works

no problem