turns over but no start

just recently rebuilt my head. well when I put everything back together she just turns over but no start, I’m getting fuel, spark and at TDC everything is lined up, I’m going to check my cam gears to make sure they are straight up at TDC…Well just checked and my exhaust cam is 1 tooth off from the intake. Would this cause the car not to start? If so how do I fix this problem? If not what else would it be? Did a search and could not find anything just your basic wrong firing order or a bad igniter which I dont have. Please help!!!

I had this same problem on mine. Both the cam gears were up. BUT the DOTS have to line up with eachother and to the mark on the back timing belt cover, so one up arrow may be more to the left/right of the other cam.

good luck and

The marks do line up on the on the crank, so I don’t understand why it will not start. It has been stored since oct. of last year and I used that fuel stableizer stuff, do you think that might be my problem? Thats all I can think of, I’m going to pick up some starting fluid today and see if it will start off that.

sounds like your crank is 180 degrees turned. meaning your at TDC but its on the exhaust stroke. you need to be at TDC on the Compression stroke or you’ll never start that engine (even with spark and fuel). Take the timing belt off the cam and rotate the crank 180, see if that helps, it should. Good Luck

x2. Almost positive your cam timing is 180* off.

thanks I will try that and let you know.

well tried that and still nothing, so I decided to check my compression and I was at 65 across the board no idea why. The valves are new springs are new retainers are new head gasket is new and I’m running head studs insted of head bolts and everything is torqued down to factory specs. I’m going to try a couple more times and if still nothing I’m going to sell it, very frustrated right now, so if any one has any ideas please let me know.

sounds like you put ya cams in wrong.

Ok I did not think you could cause arent the ends diffrent . Ones got a notch in it for the dist. and the other one does not or am I wrong?