turns over...no spark..

my 90 ls cranks but no spark…pulled off the distributor and cleaned it up in there…still no luck…was thinkin the ignitor…but then i remembered my friend that has a 88 civic has the same problem…we changed the ignitor but it did the same…never started…the way i ended up getting it started was i kept clickin the ignition key on and off alot of times until i heard a funny clicking from the drivers side column…so i tried it today on the teg…sure enough it worked…so what do you guys think? im thinking the fuel injection main relay since it has to pass that up so it can power up the rest of the ignition and fuel system…u guys think so? thanx for the help…Nathan

sounds like your starter?

i had similar problems b4 and that did the trick.

good luck!

i think the starter is ok…its cranks fine…starters usually just click and click when its bad right?

something is wrong with your distributor. I personally would go out and pick up some of the internals for it and see what happens. If you have no spark its most definitally the distributor. I have an aftermarket never been used ignighter if you want to buy it. I think i’ll say $50 +free shipping. That part goes for more like $80.00 so let me know.

I had the same problem with my integra when i first got it. i swapped the whole distributor out since i’m too lazy to open it up and swap all the internals out. Works like a charm now.