TX: 92 Integra LS A/C System

I am selling the a/c system off my car. Comes with everything from the firewall forward (not evaporator/expansion valve).

Comes with:
A/C Lines (all) (oem)
A/C Compressor (oem)
Condenser (oem)
All bolts/brackets
A/C compressor bracket (save on shipping if not needed)

Converted to R134a about 4 years ago, hasnt needed to be charged since. Gets freezing cold!!!

Currently still on car and charged, will remove when someone purchases it. (don’t want seals to dry up or get dirt inside lines/compressor)
If you need it shipped, I will put plugs in the compressor and condenser to keep stuff out, I don’t have plugs for the lines

Asking for $200 plus shipping, Pick up available. (north dallas area)