TX : KONI/GC set up and more


fist bump.

Fist bump ftw!

Great deal on the Koni/GC combo. I’m going to have to list my EG suspension for this, if you still have it when it sells I’ll come to you.

ANd since the tophats are off, I assume all the struts checked good? IE you can press in the rod and it pops right out?

Can you send pics to cyoungiv@gmail.com?



Damn I wish that water pump was for an ls. Glws

is that waterpump for gsr?

How much for belt and waterpump shipped too wi 53215?

125 shipped. If you get oil pump, I’ll let it all go for $190 shipped.

dont need oil pump.

So whats the status on the gc/koni setup? What are the spring rates?

d-khan hasn’t responded to any emails so dibs are off of the setup. spring rate is 250f/200r. however, the GC aren’t koni specific so it utilizes the stock perch. I still haven’t gotten any real inquire about the whole set up yet, so haven’t found any stock replacement for it yet.

interested on harness text me please 3232035985 Jader thanks

All have been sold