TX owners manual

like the title says i am looking for the OEM books that come in a 91 integra. if you have them both and the cover thats awesome! just let me know i check this pretty often…thanks guys

i have one in great shape. Text me at 256-339-2733. I can send some pics.

bump still looking, hoping to find one with the warranties book as well…if not zac u got a deal

There are a couple different sets on ebay, for the 90-93 years, not sure if you want only the 91 manual…

gonna be buying zacs, he just found the warranties book

[QUOTE=bryan24207;2278610]gonna be buying zacs, he just found the warranties book[/QUOTE]:up:

Hate to tell you this now, but I think your exhaust warranty may be void…

haha…if only u could hear how loud my car is now that my test pipe just separated on me

I have one for a 91 LS with the warranties books, window sticker, folder and original paper envelope from the dealer:)

can u email me pics of the window sticker and paper from the dealer? i just bought the warranties book and manual from zacattack

my email is there if u click on my user name