TX. Personal box and other goodies SOME SHIPPING

i am parting out my loved db1. i am in el paso texas and will only ship small items that i can easily ship. i still have the boxes for most the skunk2 items as well…

JDM personal box $65 shipped

shoot me a text msg or post on here guys…
number is 915 two3eight 53one9

Can you send photos for 1 piece headlight to bcastillo31@aol.com and how much to ship to zipcode 92058

Interested in the following

P28 WITH hondata s300
skunk2 radiator cap
skunk2 oil cap
skunk2 lower control arms polished
skunk2 lower control arm dress up kit
skunk2 rear camber kit
skunk2 shift knob
skunk2 front camber kit

JDM 1 piece headlights $180
skunk2 pro s2 coilovers $500

would you ship all to 02861??
text me 401-347-4925

Would you be willing to ship that trunk lip???

I’m interested in the Front and rear camber kit. If DDualan doesn’t take them let me know for shipping as well to 801.349.9948 my email is pogipogi@gmail.com Let me know
ps any pics of the camber kits?

I would love the front bumper if you are wiling to ship that to me as well. If not I understand. thanks

updating list. with items that sold locally today. lemme think about shipping the trunk lip. its a pretty long item. i really dont wanna ship the window visors lol

Ok if you dont wanna ship thats fine lmk

i can maybe see about how much it would be to ship it. it has all the studs with the nuts still as well

also updated list. had a few more parts i forgot i had

Yea see how much it would be cus you could always make a small long box and hey do you know if this will fit the hatchbacks and do you have a pic (^_^)

interested into your skunk2 camber kits front and rear please lmk how much it would be to ship to HI 96792 thanks!

ok gotta update the list again. sold a ton of stuff locally today. for all the guys texting about the personal box…someone buy it! theres one on ebay for $210 in same condition

pics of personal box sent to djjuicebox89@gmail.com thanks!

Ship me that trunk lip …lol i want i will pay the shipping shouldnt be more than 40 bucks man (^_^)

email sent!

shoot me a text man if you can. my number is in the original post. and we can try n work something out


Still have the personal box? Also the shift knob? Email me pogipogi@gmail.com


email sent and list updated

will the third brake light fit for the da? im not too fimiliar at all with the db. lemme know and ill scoop it up right away