TX, skunk2 and carbon fiber!

i really dont wanna sell anything i own but i need funds to finish this gsr build, so im selling a few things

obd0 pr3 ecu $80
obd0 VTEC engine harness $60
obd0 b16 intake manifold with throttle body $35

BRAND new in box skunk2 tuner stage 2 cams, retail is 650 plus shipping asking $550 shipped
BRAND new fully carbon fiber valve cover for b series vtec motors…$450 shipped

email me at bryan24207@yahoo.com or shoot me a text 915 238 five319

that valve cover is cool. never seen that before…

u can own it if u like lol

Not for 450$

only if it comes with the French Vanilla candle! jk.

OP is a good guy, buy his stuff.

lol that thing is expensive do they make valve cover for b20s?

ok ill do $400 shipped and include a vanilla candle :gay:

lmfao hey im online u still want to send the cluster sorry had to post here to catch ur eye

can u text me?

nope no phone still

ok, email me so we dont clutter this

whats ur email? mines demolisher81@yahoo.com