Type-R cam specs 95"-01"

Hey, Does anyone know the cam specs between the 95-97 Integra Type-R cams (intake/exhaust). The reason being,I can’t find any specific info about if the 95" ITR cams have the same or different profiles as the 96",97". I’m trying to hop on Civic Type-R cams but I can’t find a set for 500 dollars. can anyone hook me up with the specs and good places to shop for CTR’s or ITR’s. Thanks

not sure of the specs for sure, but as far as I know there are only 2 sets of R cams. The first generation of itr cams. Then the second gen of itr cams which are the same as ctr.

You should EASILY be able to find a set of ctr profile cams for under $500. Check out honda-tech.com, there are always R cams for sale there. Anywhere from $325-$500, some used, some brand new.

I found all the info i need, thanks