Type-R cap and rotor

When I was stationed in Japan I was driving a CRX SI that I was planning to do a B16 swap on (out of wrecked CRX SiR) until I got married. Anyway, one of the pieces of information I came across related to the Type-R cap and rotor being a higher quality piece( stiffer, better contacts, etc…) due to the higher reving nature of the motor. I don’t know anyone with a type-r and the dealer doesn’t have any in stock, so does anyone know if they fit the b18a distributor? I only ask because the b18a distributor can be used on the vtec motor(modified of course), I thought the cap shape might also be the same.

I believe caps are made according to obd status…not that it affects the obd system, but its just how they have them shaped. Like 89-91 Civic SI caps fits on 90-91 integra with a very small minor grinding/filing to fit a gap on the distributor.

I am not sure on this though so don’t quote me.