type-R clock

Will the Integra Type-R clock work in the DA’s? Jw idk if anyone done this in theres…

You must really like Type R’s. I dont think this has ever come up on this site. However I looked at an ITR clock and a G2 clock and the shape’s are different. Our’s has a slight curve to it in the front where as the ITR is more flat. The height and width are also bigger on the ITR clock. It can work however it will require fabrication to make it look clean on the dash. You may want to consider getting a JDM G2 clock which lights up in the same Amber color as an ITR. It is also meant for our cars and will look a hell of a lot cleaner without the fab work. :dozing:

… there are other ways to get the clock to light up in amber

Explain please.:slight_smile:

i bought film tint in amber, took the clock off the dash, dissassemble it, applied film to clock. assembled it back, installed it back on the dash, presto: amber clock.

hope it helped.

just get some of them orange folder tabs…place a couple on the lcd behind the plastic face of the clock and voila!

:werd: or get amber bulbs

cut out a piece from an orange tic tac box

its been done

[QUOTE=joebloyo;2006096]cut out a piece from an orange tic tac box

its been done[/QUOTE]

fresh breath and JDM look

JDM DA clocks DO NOT light up amber.

It is the same as a USDM clock.

Please show me what the clock bulb looks like. I have yet to EVER EVER see one in a disassembled clock.

[QUOTE=kNOwLedGe420;2006451]JDM DA clocks DO NOT light up amber.

It is the same as a USDM clock.[/QUOTE]

Really? Password JDM was selling amber clocks for the DA; and I have also seen them on ebay in the past. Both stated that they glow amber. I wonder if these sellers did some type of modification due to the whole JDM hype.


I know… I’ll just set my clock ahead 13 hours!!!

It’s JDM YO!!! :rockon:

Sorry. Feeling silly tonight, LOL

this really worked for me since im to cheap to buy one and it looks sick!!

jdm da clocks are exactly the same. not amber bullshit. lol. i own 2 xsi’s and their clocks are exactly the same any other g2.

yeah? no dfference? well that blow but hey it looks pretty sick lol