type r clutch and flywheel ???'s

I just hit 171,000 miles and im still on the stock clutch. Im gunna switch it soon, so i was looking for somethign not too expensive. I want something that will fit on properly with out any mods guarenteed. So i was just gunna grab a integra type r clutch and flywheel. I want a flywheel a little lighter than the stock one and I think the type r is perfect for me. Any suggestions on the clutch though? I was just gunna get the type r clutch if its cheap enough, but my main concern over all is that i want everythign to fit mint, cuz im doing it myself. My friend did his and he has a prelude and he got an act clutch with a jun flywheel. Unfortunatly he had to grind something down, cuz of his flywheel wouldnt fit the starter or somecrap, so now it grinds everytime it starts up. whats that all about? Anyway, has anyone thrown on a integra type r flywheel on a 92-93 1.8l? I hear so many rumors about different clutches not fitting. Id get a clutchmasters or act stage 1 or 2 if i knew it would fit right on. Also what kind of hp would i gain if any, people say it makes you rev faster, but does that mean rev faster when in neutral or does that mean you rip threw gears faster resulting in faster 0-60 times. thanks if any one responds to my long thread.

Also does anyone know where to get the flywheel anywhere cheap?

From what I’ve heard you need to use the stock throw-out bearing, but can use any b-series flywheel and the type r pressure plate. As far as the disk (90-91 only I think, though) you may not be able to use the type r disk (on 90-91 the splines are diff)

Can anyone verify this?

I’m going to run the same setup- cm flywheel, new oem disk, type r pressure plate, oem throw-out