Type R head: what ECU to run???

B17 bottom end and Type R head, basically the whole top half ( head, cams, intake manifold etc…) what’s a good ECU or program to use to get the benefit of the ITR head? thanks.

well if your running your obd1 distributor and engine harness, then you can run the P61 (92-93GSR) ecu or any VTEC obd1 ecu. You can also run an obd2 ecu and just get the jumper harness. If you get an obd1 ecu, I would then have it socketed and chipped and get a VAFC so you can tune your fuel mapping.

I have a 00 ITR P73 if you need it. Immobilizer removed.

i have the 92-93 gsr ecu and my fuel cut off at about 8K rpm. i know type r cams power band is at least up to 8600 rpm so i cant even get up to that. can i just reprogrammed my ecu to type r spec? and also, if you reprogrammed your ecu, doesnt it reprogram your fuel and air also or do i stil have to get the VAFC to tune my ride??

VAFC and some dyno time. But yes you can have your p61 ecu reprogrammed, and I would recommend it.

like I said, you can have your ecu socketed and chipped to improve the mapping, and you can also add a VAFC to tune your mapping.

ok, so now that i know i should reprogram my ecu to get full benefit of the ITR head, what program do you guys recommend?? by the way, thanks for the responses.

Well you know I would go hondata IF wanting the all out thing to do. But if just chipping man that is something you need to check out for what you have/ or are gonna do. I mean each program has it’s own set of pro’s and con’s. You can compare and get a few different chips and change them till you find the one you like best. Dyno time tells the truth though.