Type R swap in a 91

I’ve been searching but I have not really found my answers. So my questions are If I buy a while type R swap from Hmotors. With the ecu and axles and engine harness. And get everything I need for for the cable to hydro tranny swap. Will I just be able to drop it in? And use the ecu and the engine harness. Or would it be best not to? I can swap everything just fine. I still jusy don’t know a lot as far as wiring goes. And are the axle lengths and everything the same?

http://forums.g2ic.com/tegtips/engine/15.html These are old, but all of the info still stands true, there are just some additional conveniences now available due to more products entering the marketplace. Read all of these documents over two or three times and then let us know what SPECIFIC questions you still aren’t quite sure of.

ECU - You can use the ecu that comes w/ the swap but you’ll need a conversion harness (or two or three) or something custom. The wiring that comes with the swap will NOT be used except for cutting a few connectors off and integrating them into your existing wiring. Regardless of what you choose (except if you use a “tuck” harness) you’ll use all your existing wiring and just modify it or use adapters/converters.

Axles - read the swap guide

you can either buy a obd0 harness for a obd2 swap from rywire.
that means your obd0 harness will have obd2 plugs for your itr engine.
then you get a obd0 distributor from a B16a and pwo obd0 ecu.
its all plug and play. you will have to chip the ecu for the swap.
you can even use your ys1 cable tranny to save money until funds are good.

check out teg youngins build thread in the general section he has a type R motor in a 90 DA

cheapest way for me was to cut off all the obd0 plugs off my harness and splice the obd2 plugs on, that way I can run the itr engine with my stock harness. plug and play.
then sourced a obd0 B16a distributor and obd0 ecu, chipped it for my engine and done.
oh I did have to run the wires for vtec, knock sensor and map sensor.

Well I’ve pretty much found my answers I was looking for. Only question I have now is what’s your all opinion on A type R head on a GSR block?

wack, you need the type r pistons to.really use those itr cams. the low comp gsr pistons would be fine if your plan to turbo or nitrus.
what are your plans?

Well I was going to buy a swap whole Type R swap with everything on it, but idk if you can run your engine set up like obd2 and leave the redt of the car Obd0. Or rebuld a gsr bottom and put a type R head on it.

I know this is last month. Buy a type R complete swap. I swapped a gsr this past feb. I should have bought a type R