Type R throttle body

Just took of my type R throttle body off of my working type r head to put on my b16 head, I put in the type r throttle body and now my car sounds like it’s drowning and wont accelerate much… I know there are 2 sensors on the throttle body and am wondering if one went bad during the swap. What else could it be? Some help would be appreciated soon!!! Thanks

This is a guess. The TPS range on the TB doesn’t match what the ECU expects or the TPS is buggered.

What would be the fix?

How would I know the throttle position sensor is bad?

if that is the case, which it makes sense, then u could either switch to OBD-II, i think thats what dc’s have, or go back to ur b16 tb.

Cant you switch TPS’s?

I am assuming you have a G2 integra. Before going further on the TPS trail, I just want to verify which MAP sensor you are using. The Type R TB has it on the TB and the G2 integra has it on the firewall with a vacuum connection. Which one are you using?