Ugh the dreaded hatch/trunk water leaks..

I did a lot of searching online and again on this site. I have a leak in my hatch (oooh no not that again ) … Well I got a 90 Integra LS 3DR… I replaced the tail light gasket … not once but twice… So no leak there… Checked the moon roof drain hoses and they were fine. Checked the small hose that goes into the bottom of the Automatic Radio Antenna … Nothing… I had the entire trunk torn apart to the medal… Sealed and Sealed every place that water came in from. Good so I am finished and put everything back together and low and behold water is STILL leaking… I see water lines or where water has ran down on the vents on either side of the hatch… I am assuming they are to vent air … Actually read there vents and something to do with closing the doors… So that is where I am stuck at and really don’t know what to do other then yanking the vents out period… Its tolerable leaking … not a lot … its 80 percent better then before sealing and replacing gaskets… ( I simply used plain old clear rubber sealant in a tube) so don’t know if I should try something else to seal with…

So does anyone have a idea where to do … I would like to stop the leaks and I get a mildew smell after it rains so I soak all the water up with a towel… …

Also to add the car was hit in the rear driver side quarter panel(gas tank thing the name slips my mind right now lol) and it was done shitty though I sealed it all up where the lines are … … The entire rear light cluster needed replacement which I did… and new seal.

Thank you ahead of time and hopefully someone has a clue/idea whats going on before I loose my mind lol*


The best way to find it is to pull everything out, sit inside the trunk and have somebody spray the car with a hose. Have them start from the bottom drivers side and seep side to side with the house and slowly work their way up. When you see water that’s where the leak is.
Btw when you changed taillight gaskets did you scrape off All of the old gasket? Leaving some old bits will cause it to leak again.

Well concerning the tail light cluster gasket … yes I removed it all … Where is was hit cracked the hell out of it and water was seeping into the light cluster itself so got a new one at a junk yard… and BAM done…no leak… About the hose yea did run water down over the hatch … top to bottom as I went down I stopped and got intside to check for leaks… though will try and have my friend do that while I am inside… Though I am sure its leaking from those side vents…

Can you remove them fully… seal them up. (I did seal around them on both sides as well ) I read somewhere about if the flap is staying open water will get inside… scratches my head … Still a bit cold to do much… hell its snowing outside as I type this post… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the suggestion and will give it a try when it warms up again…


I wouldn’t pull those out. Check and make sure that the flap is on right.
You may be leaking through the bolt holes for the rear filler panel (between trunk and bumper) or the bumper bolt holes on the side you got hit. Also check the plug where the wires run out of the trunk to the license plate (rear trunk wall on the buttom right) there is also another blank plug on the left side.

Hrm… it snowed a bit last night… and of cource I check in my hatch … water was on both sides sitting in small pools right before it curves down to where the spare tire goes… I dont know scratches my head Well guess I am stuck at taking out the hatch liner again…Is there a more specific brand name or type of sealn’t to seal the cracks and holes? I used simple clear rubber sealent… This is making me go mad… lol Cant I just have a DRY hatch… please :frowning: not that there is anything there (electrical ) to damage nor does it run under the back seats … also… Flap is on right? How does it look on right? I will take a look at those holes you named and post my results tomorrow…

I have the same problem too when it rains alottttt…i get water in my trunk on both side sometimes when it rains alot my rear seats get soaked…never found out the problemmm

do either of you have factory wings?

Oh so you feel my pain too… :stuck_out_tongue: Though never got that bad to soak my back seats knocks on wood Yea we have been getting mass amounts of rain/snow as of late (Live on the East Coast… PA to be specific) Far as factory wing ummm dont want to sound stupid are you speaking of a spoiler? If so I dont have one on my car… If it means something else let me know

Yup that’s what I was referring to. You guys are making me nervous. I’m about to put my car together and its always leaked. I hope it won’t anymore… :cross:
Good luck to you guys, hope you guys find your leaks. :up:

tons of rain … and again inside on the passenger side… The vent slots there in the liner (water was running down to the floor)behind them that breather flap … Cant remember what the actual title of them are… so I am thinking it has to be something with it… least on the one side where majority of the water comes in… the drivers side I get just a small amount…Got some advice about using something different for sealing the tail light clusters… Just to make sure there sealed…

and good luck with your reintallation of your car… Pray to the Integra Gods for no water leakage… :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s nothing… After a heavy rain storm in jersey, my hatch was filled like a lake… I had to literally pull everything out, scoop excess water, and soak about 4 towels to dry it all up… my poor notebooks suffered.
I’m going to take lawngnome’s advice and do the hose trick while wielding myself with some sealant >:) Die Leakage.

Holy S**t… Thats alot of water… Should have put a huge sign up and sold tickets for a kiddy pool in your hatch… lol Hey …Hell… Put a slide there too and your good to go … :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn it…It had to be fake wood I knocked on… … :frowning: My Backseat was soaked (For the first time with all the heavy rain we got here on the east coast)

So had to put it in the garage and put a fan on it to dry it out…

Better leave it there for the day… seems to be another shitty rainy day. -_-
So much for sealing my hatch up today… I guess the weather saw my post and said ok fuck you.

Actually, about two years ago I used hot glue to seal my taillights. I just put a layer in the top gap between the body and taillight housing, it actually worked…

I would use polyeurathane sealant sold at the home depot, I think its the same stuff used to seal windshields and windows.

when i did my tail light gaskets i tightened them good… few months later they leaked again.
turns out after a while they got a little loose from the gaskets compressing.
something to check i guess.

ugh indeed, i still need to fix the front/passenger side air vent leak.
just don’t have the cash for all the little silicone boots and clips, and don’t want to rig it all retarded like.

I hear you regarding money… As I needed to get all new clips , screws and caps for the hatch lining as most of it was broke and fit in loosely … Have a major problem regarding my teggy now… seems it was hit in the front or more so whomever owned it before me hit someone or something… engine mount on the driver side is twisted … and the body work was shitty much like the rear… Going to get my car looked at to see if anything … Frame wise is messed up… They set up some lazer system to figure it out… If its to much I might just have to get rid of my car even though it will break my heart… I hate when you get into your car and starting putting alot of money into it … Then its all for nothing… I cant return anything … I am just going to pray …

Pull down the back portion of the headliner and check the back corners of the sunroof pan. I have found this to be the cause of many leaks on Civic, CRX and Integras with sunroofs. Mine rusted out on the Integra and the CRX. When I replaced them I bought OEM pieces and had them powder coated to prevent it from happening again. The welds rust out on the drain tube bungs and the water travels down the outside of the tubes and collects in the quarter panels. Another problem I found on my CRX was a small pinhole leak near the hatch hinges. The seam sealant cracked with age and let water in between the area where the sheet metal was spot welded together. I resealed it and it has not leaked in years.