ugly stitching on seats? can it be removed?

sorry guy i couldnt think of a better title. anywas i have these Matrix sport seats i got for $175. theyre really nice perforated black leather, i really dont want to get them reupholstered but theyre this stitching on the headrest that says “tuned by: Matrix racing” and its really stupid looking, my question is is theyre anyway i can remove this or cover over it with something? i wanted to put a white honda symbol there, about the size of an emblem. anyone who can help thanks alot.

im not going to reupholster these, maybe sometime down the line. if theres no way ill justleave it as is or paint over it with my black Duplicolor dye and hope ot looks ok. maybe i can get white dye and make the symbol i want.

thanks to anyone who can help

I don’t know anything about this subject, but this is what my logic is telling me:

Unless the makers somehow stitched it so that the stitching holes lined up perfectly, and did not expand, the perferation holes(highly unlikely), then when you remove the stitching there will be holes from where the words were. Depending on the size of the holes, this may not be that bad since its perferated leather.

It sounds to me like to achieve the look you want, you will have to have the headrest portion of your seats re-upholsted AFTER having the new leather material profesionally embroidered.

Again, these are just brainstorms, I have no experience with this sort of thing.

yea itll prolly leave small holes. the thread is very thin. i would be impossible to have the headrest portion done beacuse the headrest and seatback is one continuous peice.

idk then.

Maybe post a pic? That would help people actaully see what this looks like, and may give people ideas as to how you could fix it?

Just a thought

my pic file is too big and idk how to resize