umm i lost 5th gear can you help me find it?

OK not cool. about 3 weeks ago i had to replace my CV drive shaft. no kidding it was so bad it fall out of the car with out me even touching it… Not a good thing. All in all I put new CV shafts in. The spindle looked good on both ends of the recieving shafts. The car drives good (besides needing a alighnment)untill last night as i was leaving Palm Springs driving to Yuma Az.

I dont know if these two problems are hand in hand but maybe you can tell me… The new problem is my teg lost 5th gear… Not all the way but if im on the freeway and im in 5th every few min. my car will just throw it out of 5th. then my RPM’s shoot way the hell up cause im on the gas. Also not a good thing. I have tried to hold it in place and it dosnt really pop out as much but i can feel it kicking it out like its not in gear… I look at all my fluid and its all full. I dont know too much about the tranny or the gearing of the car. I dont know if i need to replace all the internals of the tranny or not. i would like to get the lightened fly wheel and the stage2 or 3 by ACT, new everything… if i did that would my new found problem go away? I really dont want to take the car to a dealer but since i dont know what is broken or needs to be replaced then im not jacking with it. the only problm to that is there is a honda dealer in town but they dont even know what a Acura is… and i live like 2 hours from a major city. I could take it to a specialist but well i dont know what is the problem so i guess im up $hit creek with out a paddle.

I swear nothing goes right in my car. I keep trying to buy my body kit and the rims but every time i do someting needs to be overhauled…:sad:

Your 5th gear sincro needs a new snap ring. It is a ring that is around the sincro that holds the gear in place. You have to pull the tranny out of the car. Split the tranny housing ,pull the bearing and the 5th gear set to replace the ring. If you don’t have tranny experience or the proper tools take it to a professional. You could save some labor charges by pulling the tranny yourself and dropping it off at a tranny shop to do the work.